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I come with my photo studio at your home.

    I have professional portable equipment that will help us get the best out of this unconventional photo shooting. After setting up my photo studio at home and discovering how much fun children, friends, and guests have had trying it, I thought is a good idea to include it in my offer.

    The best part of it is that you ‘ll have a selection of very different photos/ instances without making any effort in front of the camera. This rarely happens in a traditional photo studio where you go and shortly after the first photos, you run out of props, backdrops and ideas of what and how to do next (apart from saying cheese/ appelsin and moving your hands up and down).

    When my studio comes over your place, the possibilities open up. We can move it wherever you like: from the living room in the kitchen, in the children’s room, you can make use of what props find suitable.

    I can make portraits of the family members, but also take pics of children watching cartoons on the sofa, playing in their room, or running around the house. We will be free to mix up by adding in new elements and distractions to focus on.

    The creativity and spontaneity will show up in the photos so that the result will be incredible. This is an excellent option if you feel more comfortable to take photos in the coziness of your house, in your own space.


                     Consider for a moment all the things you could do inside your own home to make it happen. You’ll be glad you did.

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