A day with you


I will be your personal photographer for 24 hours, spend a day with your family and catch all these small gestures of love and togetherness.

           When your children will ask you “how was life when I was little?” you will not only tell them stories but also show them a photo album with wonderful pics that are authentic and natural.

 Booking me for a day with you, we will have something money cannot buy, we will have time. I know from my own experience that the little moments of tenderness, joy, love have this magical trait of appearing in the comfort and coziness of home and family. And these are exactly the moments that make you and your family unique. I will be there for you to capture them, and you will be there, in your photos.

           I will come in the evening before dinner. We will talk, get to know each other, play with the camera so everybody feels at ease before I start to make the first photos: dinner in the family and bedtime stories.

           I can sleep in the guest’s room on a couch or on a mattress on the floor to be there in the morning when kids are getting up, documenting all the incredible moments that you never get to see. (If you feel more comfortable, we can talk about finding accommodation nearby so I can be there in the morning before kids wake up).

           I will spend a whole day with you to document your family life. I will be your personal photographer.


           This is for you if you would like to have what few people have: a genuine photo story about a day in their lives. Now, all common activities, all small gestures, and habits are taken for granted. It’s your life, right? But think for a second how fast children grow up, how life changes. From this perspective, what now seems “usual” will be in 20 years a story that will make the emotion shine through in all the eyes who will look at it. And especially your eyes.

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