How I became a family photographer

This is a photo with me and my two kids digging the 576 tunnel in the sand. It was taken by my girlfriend and the number is just fiction. I don’t count the tunnels, the seconds, the minutes, the days. I just enjoy them to the most, trying to make the best out them all and of our time together. When I am not digging in the sand, playing football with my son, dancing like a “princess” with my daughter, I capture these unique moments in my photos before they are gone forever.

Family is the most important thing for me. No matter where we are: on a sofa in a lazy Sunday morning, at a picnic in park, at rock concerts, at barbecue with friends, drawing faces in the porridge bowls, or storify the candle light shadows on the wall, my two kids make me appreciate and discover new things about them, me, family, world. For all of these things, I started to document our family life and help others do the same.



Jokes, splashes, imaginary piranha that surround you, a diver that sends SOS bubbles, a little smiling dolphin that smells like heaven.
These moments will live in your memories forever, but will your kids remember? It is quite impossible for you to run to bring you camera and not to miss the whole thing. And even more impossible for you to be present in the photos while taking them. That’s why I will capture these scenes in a collection of pics about your family life. I will make your photo story as you are living it.


Next footbal star(s)

Tudor is training hard for becoming the world’s greatest goalkeeper. Petr Cech is his idol and his sister supports him in this pursuit. She plays hard and scores.

Take this, Petr!

Color your life!

Ana and her mom coloring a fairy tale scene. Their own scene from their own story.


Of dreaming, of caressing a sleepy forehead and hugging, of warmth and indulgence. A new great day is about to start with five minutes of love!


One of the best things about being a dad and a photographer at the same time is that I have the chance to witness precious scenes like this. No set up, no scenarios, just daily life. It is like keeping a photo diary of our family life.

I am a family guy and a family photographer. I am documenting your daily life, all those incredible moments you never get to see in your family photo because…you are living them.
Years from now, while your children will be playing with their children, you will be at home, drinking a glass of wine and looking at your photo album which will have not only photos of them, of their milestones, but also glimpses of your relationship, emotions and interactions with them.

This is my project for you: make a photo story of your family life.