3 X 1

I will meet you on 3 different days, for at least 1 hour to document your family life.

In real life, the average photo session is 1 time and lasts about 1 hour. But why bet something so important as a family photo session on one single occasion? Why limit the photos to one location or activity especially when things can (and usually will) go unexpectedly when coming to kids. You know the drill: kids are moody, or have a bad day, or a flu, or just need more time to feel comfortable and relaxed when photographed.

That’s why my 1 becomes a 3 for you. At the same price, you could have me on 3 different days spending at least 1 hour with you. I personally like to have both time and the opportunity to chose. If you like this, book me!
You decide the days and what your 3’s are: reading a bedtime story, making cookies, going to a playground or a birthday party, attending a Christmas reunion or a confirmation, watching a football match. Whatever you think of, I am in. I will come to document your family life three times in a row, on different locations, doing different activities. Just imagine what fantastic pics we can get out of these meetings!
In the beginning, I will make some portraits for warm up and relaxation. After that, I will become “invisible” and let you just be yourself and do whatever you like and enjoy.

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BONUS: You can choose to have “Studio at your home” in one of our 3 sessions. This option costs separately 900 dkk, but comes free within the 3×1 package.

No time related restrictions. Any session can take place anytime during 2017.


All pictures will be delivered online (dropbox, wetransfer, etc) in maximum 10 days after the photo session. Usually, I edit the photos immediately after a meeting and I bring them at the next meeting  so we have the possibility to look and choose what you want to print.

Check my price list for all print sizes.